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What the...?

An update? Really?

Title: Mother Nature's Sons (Part 3)
Author: Atawia :D
Rating: PG-13 I suppose, contains slight cursing.
Warnings: Possibly OOC, possibly grammatically incorrect.
Word Count: 1260, give or take a few.
Disclaimer: Beatles aren't mine, none of this actually happened (or did it?). Pure fiction.
Summary: The boys are sent away from work. What will happen?
A/N: *Clears throat nervously* Well for those of you that actually remembers this, I am truly and utterly sorry for the complete absence of this story (my god has it really been a whole year?!) and I promise I will do my very best not to let the gaps between the updates get that long again. Due to massive writers block, real life sort of getting in the way and the fact that what was originally the third part accidentally got deleted (!!!) I haven't exactly felt the urge or had the time to write. Buuuuut, now I finally got the whole third part together and I hope the next parts will come a bit more easily :). This is not a very action packed chapter, I guess it's just one of those parts you need before things really start to happen :).  Phew, rant over.
For those of you who haven't read the previous parts or need to freshen your memory I've posted links to parts 1 and 2:
Part 1: http://community.livejournal.com/johnheartpaul/820927.html
Part 2: http://community.livejournal.com/johnheartpaul/865941.html

So, here it is :)...

"He was met with the sight of a head hovering in mid-air in front of him, stuck in through the opening of the tent."Collapse )


England, here I come :)

I have to get up at about 4 pm tonight to catch the plane from Gothenburg to Heathrow. *Yawn*. I'm not quite as nervous now though as I was before. Oh, who am I kidding I'm sooo nervous lol. I'm going to England on a sort of lanuage trip...thing (don't know what it's actually called in english lol) It's a kind of summer school to learn english and I'm going with two of my friends. We're going to live with an english family there, on the Isle of Wight. Anyway, just thought I'd say good bye and leave you with a couple of random treats. I'll see you in 3 weeks. Wish me luck!

My brother just got a Thunderbird yesterday. It's soooo pretty, i could stare at it all day (well not really, that would be tiring). he needed to get a new bass because the other one is all scratchy and the colour is flaking of. I, of course, wanted him to get a Hophner but he's boring so he got the Thunderbird instead which is allright, I mean John Entwhistle did have one so it's cool lol. 

Bruce Springsteen played here in Gothenburg yesterday. He's playing today too actually and Erika is going....lucky bastard. The worst thing happened yesterday though, well for me anyway. My brother was going down to the stadium where he was playing to listen outside with a couple of friends and mum drove him down since she was going to go inte to work to get something. I was at home minding my own business when mum comes home telling me that Kristian had gotten in. She was just walking to her car when he had come running. Apparently there was some guy standing outside of Ullevi (the arena) selling tickets for 600 kr and so she rove him up there (she works like right next to Ullevi) and Kristian and his friends payed, got the tickets and went in. This was all like fifteen minutes before the show started.
And all I can say is: Fuck! I wanted to gooooooo! *wails like a big baby*

Oh, well there will other times(there'd better be!) Plus, when I read the paper today Bruce had gotten like the best reviews.
*grits teeth and tries to stay calm*

I'm leaving for England in five days. Five days. I'm getting quite scared now. Well, not scared really but just nervous I guess. I just finished writing a letter to the family I'll be staying with. It was like 7 sentences but it still managed to take me at least an hour to write lol.

I'm in the process of writing some kind of fic like thing, that I might post (if I think it's any good that is), and it is hard! I can't understand how you fic writers do it? Or, maybe it's just me who's rubbish lol. Yeah, that might be it....*ponders*

Oooh, gotta go, mum is calling from the kitchen. Hamburgers!:D

The third and final part of the Love Story :)



Jun. 13th, 2008

The second part of my "Love Story".



 As I was saying the other day, we also had to write a "short story" in english which I am now doing with a friend of mine (Erika). It was supposed to be a short story (hence the name) but when it comes to me writing stories there is no such thing as short. I remember last term when we were supposed to write an essay in english about something, well...english. It could be food or a place or a person or  whatever. I (of course) choose to write about George Harrison. The essay had to be a least one hand written page long. I wrote five. It's a...problem that I have lol. Anyway the story is actually not that long if you think about it, it's just that it's longer than anyone else's stories. My friend Emilia wrote a story on 1 page. It was great. What I'm trying to say is that it's not so much about quantity. Or something like that. *Sigh*

The story has a lot of beatle related stuff since I simply could not resist and because it's funny watching Erika having absolutely no clue about what I'm doing :D (Although, I think she may be catching on a little bit 'cause she said the other day that James reminds an awful lot about Paul. Which he does of course since he is my foremost inspiration for that character.). I tried not to make it exactly like John's childhood or any of the other stuff that I have jammed in there but just so you know that is where it came from, but even if you didn't know you probably would figure it out sooner or later since the main characters name is John and also because of the fact that I'm not being very discreet about it....lol.
There might be a bit of grammar faults since english isn't my mother tongue, but nothing too bad I think :). 

Lady Lavender and Mr Mercury

So, we have this thing in my school where we each year from 6th to 8th grade have a sort of theme which we work on and then we have a soirée in the end of the term, just before the summer holidays starts, where we play music and theater and stuff like that. This year my grade have a "Love Theme" where we are supposed to learn about sex and drugs and all that sort of stuff. 
Anyway, in english and swedish our teacher wants us to write a love poem, and I wrote one in english which she thought was quite good, and so I thought I would post it here just to see what you guys think of it. It's really more of a story with rimes since it's quite long but I hope you will like it anyway :). I actually did write a "short story"(which is no longer a short story since it's also pretty long...) with my friend that I might post also...but anyway, on to the poem!

Happy Easter!

I am so bad at posting entries

On to something a bit more fun.

 1. List 5 songs that begin with the letter given to you, and explain why you picked them.

2. Comment, and I'll give you a letter.

4you_blue_jway gave me the letter M, sooooo....